About Us

Our History

Bourne Solicitors were established in 2016 and is based in Southport, within meters of the Southport Magistrate and District Court.

Since its beginning, Bourne Solicitors have provided individual clients and corporations the highest standard of legal advice, in a timely manner. With a focus on a tailored approach to each client, there is no cut and paste used.

Specialising in property, business law and migration/visas.

Our Goals 

We believe that in society today, accuracy is a key requirement in any matter. Together with this, is the need to work quickly and efficiently, not only saving you as the client legal costs, but also to save unnecessary expenses due to delays and prolonged expenses that can prove more costly.

Brief words on our team

The firm is lead by Alexander Tees; a lawyer with over 20 years experience in the corporate and commercial fields. Dimitri Bourne, with over 7 years specialised experience in migration law, visas and litigation.  Vanessa Bourne with over 15 years experience in business. Together, they provide accurate, prompt advice and ensure that you are happy. They take pride in offering clients accurate, prompt advice and maintaining rapport for many years to come.