Citizenship Australia

Citizenship Laws in Australia are rumored to be changing, but it may not pass with full steam. The new law is the The Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment (Strengthening the Requirements for Australian Citizenship and Other Measures) Bill 2017, included are the following proposed changes:

  • Increase the residence wait period from 1 year to 4 years
  • Needing to pass an IELTS with a band score of 6 in reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Signing a values statement
  • Harder citizenship test, which also includes questions about domestic violence

There are a few reasons why these proposed changes may not eventuate.

  • Parliament need to pass a bill, and for this bill to become an Act. Only until this happens, will the changes take effect.
  • For the bill to pass, enough politicians need to vote in favour of it.
  • Labour is not voting in favour, especially concerning the extra waiting period, or the IELTS requirement.
  • Lobbying has begun, with some parties having more than 12,000 signatures against the proposed changes.
  • A lot of public backlash, and pressure on politicians to make the right decision

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection have 81,000 applications since the changes were introduced on 20 April 2017; and they are not processing these changes until the Bill is finalised. While Immigration say that 90% of Citizenship Applications are processed within 13 months, we expect this to be extended (Immigration update the global processing times every 2 weeks).

We are advising everyone who is eligible under the current laws to apply now. The worst that can happen is the laws do change, and your application is rejected. The application fee is nominal at around $265. However, if the laws are not changed, or changed but not to the full extent, you will benefit by obtaining citizenship quicker.

You can contact us to discuss these proposed changes, and the viability of applying for citizenship now.

VETASSESS have priority processing from 1 August 2017

Vetassess are introducing a priority processing for general occupations beginning on 1 August 2017. This will only apply to new occupations and it appears you may need to have reasons to ask for priority, along with paying the extra fee. This is great news as it provides visa applicants and employers a fast track method and quicker result on your skills assessment. This means less time waiting on a bridging visa and more time in the queue waiting for your temporary or permanent visa.

For those looking to apply for a 190 visa you should consider the priority processing. In this way, you can enter the invitation line sooner, and before the influx of all the others that are waiting the usual 3 months for a skills assessment with VETASSESS.

Age Requirement for Visa Applications

Since the changes on 1 July 2017, there have been a number of changes to the age limits for visa applications. Below, we have outlined these age limits for some of the most popular visas.

Visitor Visa            No age limit

Student Visa          No age limit, but beware of being a genuine student

Partner Visa           No age limit.

189 Visa                  45 age limit at time of invitation

190 Visa                 45 age limit at time of invitation

457 Visa                 No age limit, but beware, you will not be able to transition to the permanent stage.

186 DE Visa          45 age limit at time of application

186 TRT Visa        50 age limit at time of application

187 DE Visa           45 age limit at time of application

187 TRT Visa        45 age limit at time of application