Dimitri Bourne

Lawyer, Migration Agent

Dimitri is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland, the Federal and High Courts of Australia and has practised in general commercial and property law since 2011 and has also helped over thousands of clients for theirs visas in Australia. Dimitri works under the guidance of Alexander Tees and together provide a high level of quality service.

Dimitri has a wealth of experience in key areas of Imigration law, commercial lawproperty law. He also has extensive experience in a range of matters and all visa categories.

Dimitri has been involved in 2018 Commonwealth Games visa team and also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in accounting and uses this to better assist clients.

Alex tee

Lawyer, Migration Agent

Alexander Tees is the Principal Practicing Solicitor of Bourne Solicitors with 30 years of experience. He has worked in house for accounting firms, export/import companies, property developers, IT and debt collection agencies.

He has significant exposure to commercial litigation, risk management, commercial competitiveness and a national and international scale. He brings this experience to Bourne Solicitors.

Vanessa Bourne

Client Relationship Manager

Vanessa Bourne has been in law area for 6 years and run her business since 2009, she holds a bachelor of literature and currently completing a Juris Doctor (Law).

Vanessa has considerable experience in risk management and business development. She is in the management of litigation files and the development of legal practices.

Vanessa has been involved in 2018 Commonwealth Games visa team.
Vanessa can assist with all account enquiries.

Andy Liu

Law Graduate

Andy Liu is holding law degree both in China and Australia. He has a very good understanding about international law and immigration law. He is processing massive amount of our legal documents everyday, focus on details.