Migration Law and Visas

We are lawyers and migration agents, registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

We have had great success in all streams of visa applications, as well as fixing visa applications before they are refused. We have acted for individuals and corporate.

Bourne Solicitors are specialists in migration law, and can assist you with every aspect of your goal, whether this be skilled independent, business or work visas.

We provide tailored advice to every client, and do not use pro-forma templates, because each visa is unique in its own situation.

With  many successful visas approved, we have the experience to make your dream of living in Australia reality.

We can assist you with:


Business Visas

  • 188A Business Innovation Visa
  • 188B Business Investor Visa
  • 188C Significant Investor Visa
  • 132 Business
  • 888A Permanent Stage of 188A
  • 888B Permanent Stage of 188B
  • 888C Permanent Stage of 188C

Family Visas

  • Children Visa
  • 820 Partner Visa Onshore
  • 309 Partner Visa Offshore
  • 300 Pre-Marriage Visas Offshore only
  • 143, 172 and 804 Parent Migration
  • 101/802 Child Visas

Independent Visas

  • 485 Graduate Visas (graduate and post study streams)
  • 189 Permanent Independent Migration, Occupation on the MLTSSL
  • 190 Permanent Independent Migration, Occupation on the MLTSSL or the STSOL

Work Visas

    • Company Sponsorship
    • Company Nomination (482, 186 and 187 visas)
    • Visa Applications (482, 186 and 187)
    • Skills Assessments
    • Regional Certifying Body Advice
    • 600/651/601 Visitor Visas
    • 400 Short Term Highly specialised work visas
    • 408 Entertainment Visas