New Zealand Visa

New Zealand Citizens have recently been one of the winners following the implementation of a new permanent visa. This is not a points tested visa. Instead, if you can prove that you received a minimum taxable income for 4 out of 5 years, you are eligible to apply for this visa (among other requirements). There are exemptions to the taxable income requirement in circumstances of parenting orders, or disability.

Other requirements are the residence. You need to have been resident in Australia for 5 years before 19 February 2017.

Minimum Amount of Income:

2011-2012 is $49 330

2012-2013 is $51 400

2013-2014 is $53 900

2014-2015 is $53 900

2015-2016 is $53 900

2016-2017 is $53 900

We are happy to provide further guidance on your eligibility. You can contact us on 07 55 38 38 70 or at

Visa Processing Times

How long will your visa take to process?

This is a question that is asked a lot. The primary party responsible is the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. However, you as a visa applicant and us as migration agents and lawyers are able to ensure that you are assessed quickly and efficiently.

Immigration have a standard processing timeframe for all visa applications. It is available on the following link:

Things to help improve the processing of your visa application include:

  • Uploading all documents at the time of application.
  • Upload all documents required at time of decision as well. You do not need to wait.
  • Provide an overview of the documents you have lodged. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection are humans just like the rest of us. If we can make their job easier and quicker, in turn your visa will be processed quicker.
  • Label your documents, and upload them to the correct location.
  • If you are unsure about a missing document, ask us.
  • Provide all of the documents required for your visa application. If Immigration make a request for further documents, this will delay the application by at least 28 days.
  • Follow up the the Department of Immigration only if your application falls outside the standard processing times.
  • Do not send emails concerning the status, unless it falls outside the standard processing times.